It’s okay to not live an Insta-perfect life

Following on from my previous post for Amaliah, I wrote another piece for them on the uncomfortable intrusion of Instagram and social media on our sense of self.

“We are surrounded by fast food, fast fashion, life hacks, quick fixes…and now I fear I have come to expect fast success. Success is a highly subjective term. For me, my idea of success too, has become tainted, or influenced, by the content saturating my news feeds: beautifully dressed women with immaculate hair and make-up, incredible and rewarding careers, going to the best places and eating the best food, travelling often and, essentially, living their best lives. Women like myself are constantly inundated with these images and content, presenting to us an ideal that yes, is contrived, but also very, very appealing.”

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Makeup and Social Media: Self expression or seeking validation?

Selfies, filters, contour, and social media. What is it all really doing to us?

“We live in an era of instant self-gratification. And what could be more self-gratifying than the glorious selfie? Often described as the most personal way to express oneself, what happens when this stops being about self-expression and more about self-glorification?”

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Amaliah is an incredible platform for amplifying the voices of Muslim women, and I’m honoured to have had my writing published with them. Hopefully more to come!